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“Leave it to elves to ruin my hunt.” Araleas cursed under his breath, wrists wrapped in rope by Prince Legolas of the Greenwood.

“We didn’t ruin your hunt Master Grimbeorn, we simply stopped you killing doe.” Legolas replied, being within earshot to hear his remark.

“Yeah, yeah. Anyway. Legolas, how is your father? I haven’t spoken to Thrandy in so long.” The guard leading Araleas flinched at his casualness of addressing the prince and king; although Legolas looked accustomed to it.

Legolas sighed a laugh, “You might meet him under different circumstances if you keep getting lost in our woods.” Legolas retorted.

“Tch, you wish I'd get properly arrested.” He replied back. Legolas always led Araleas out of the forest and back to Beorn the Skin changer's house, just so no one got unneeded attention drawn.

“Sometimes I do Master Araleas.” the blonde shot back, just as eager for a teasing.

“Oh-ho-ho! The pretty boy wants to play!” He teased back.

“Once we’re out of the forest you already know I'll beat you in horse riding, right?” Legolas challenged.

“Wow! I think you’ve really broken out of your shell Mr. Greenleaf! But we will see about that challenge. If you must know, I'm going down to the shire to aid my friend Bilbo. Who knows when I'll be back.” Araleas shrugged, breaching the thick air of Mirkwood and breathing in the fresh, spring air. The guard cut Araleas' rope binds and handed him back his bow, arrows, daggers, and sword.

“Well, if I may get the treat to ride against you once more before you depart?” The prince offered.

“Of course, Prince Legolas. But please, drop the formalities. Your father isn't around to pull you up on it now.” Araleas half-teased, he knew it was a touchy subject for the prince as he stiffened slightly.

“Sure, Araleas.” He almost looked pained to say it, but he grew used to it.

The human and the elf rode alongside each other for hours and hours until the sun touched the horizon, creating the sea to turn a bright color in reflection. The sky turned to a pretty pink, that trailed into and from orange, purple, and red, making the sky look just majestic. The friends sat and talked for some time, filling each other in on future plans or past things they may have missed.

“You know how I told you I have these weird visions?” Araleas inquired.

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“Yes, you told me many moons ago.” Legolas replied, sitting down on a rock not too far from Araleas'.

“I had another one. It was this man; he had long dark hair, with grey streaks through it. He had these young, blue eyes that shone like the ocean. He had a beard, but it was fairly short. He wore a kingly color, a deep blue if I recall. He was showing a key around to other people, making the people around him look at it in awe. He was an emotionless man, yet when he smiled, the room lit up. He was tall for a dwarf. Pointed ears but not an elf. Seeing him made my heart throb, is that weird?”

“Araleas, you have some kind of Sight, a look into the future. I dare say what you saw was your soulmate. Your One.” Legolas explained softly, watching the sun sink below the water.

“Legolas-” “I know that humans don’t necessarily believe in that sort of thing, but other races do. And that’s all the support I can give you.”

Araleas smiled, knowing that he was probably right anyway. “Thank you for this Legolas, I promise as soon as I'm free, I'll come visit in Mir-Greenwood again.”

Legolas and Araleas both bowed their head at each other slightly. “It was my pleasure, Master Araleas. Please do come visit, I'd like to see Beorn again soon too.” He nodded at Legolas’ statement and mounted his horse, patting around his pockets for their sack of coins. He groaned.

“Legolas! My money please.” He tiredly demanded.

Legolas sighed, “Busted.”

“I’m sure you have enough coin to buy the entire shire Mr. Greenleaf, now if you don’t mind, I’ll be on my way.” Legolas tucked some herbs and medicinal vials into the human's health pack without him realizing- or so he thought. Araleas did realize, he just let it happen. Araleas smirked at the elf prince before taking off in a trot with his beautiful black and white stallion.

“Father?” Araleas called out to his adoptive dad.

“Yes Araleas?” Beorn replied, poking his head out from behind a wall.

“I’m heading off for Bilbo’s soon; is there anything you need me to do before I leave?” Araleas asked, enveloping his father into a quick hug.

“Please take care of yourself. That’s all I ask. I can feel that you are going to go on an adventure soon. And remember—use your gift of the Valar only when it is so needed. Oh, and tell Bilbo your name is Thilior in Sindarin, not the common tongue.” Beorn reminded.

“Of course, dad, I understand.” Araleas replied softly, before picking up a few mice and placing them back to where they should be. “I’ll be off now, thanks dad.” He said with a smile, fiddling with the knob of his dagger in anxiousness. Beorn tucked a few of both of the men’s favorite flowers and stood back, letting Araleas mount his horse.

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“Farewell, my child.” Beorn answered, waving Araleas off as he left on his stallion.

Three knocks boomed at the green, circular, door. The human waited patiently outside, feeling a lot taller than he actually was compared to the hole in the ground. When the hobbit finally opened the door, he didn’t fully recognize the man at first, until he introduced himself.

“Bilbo Baggins! I’m sorry, you mustn’t know who I am right now. I am Thilior Araleas Grimbeorn, son of Beorn Grimbeorn.” Araleas introduced as formally as possible.

“Oh dear, stop with those formalities and come inside! It's fantastic to finally meet you.” Bilbo internally face-palmed himself for not recognizing him sooner. Araleas was easily recognizable from how he painted himself in the letters they sent to each other; ‘I don’t think I'm the best-looking human man alive, but I would say I'm hideous. I have a haircut that wraps around the front of my forehead, and then it goes shortly down my neck. It is light brown but I have strands of black floating around. I have a very short stubble, but I intend to shave it. My eyes are green, but no a light or dark green, like a baby color. But they aren’t as bland as pastel green, they have many different specks of different brown and blues in them. My ears are kind of normal, not pointed but instead circular. My nose is like a button, it sticks out but not how a man’s nose would, more of how a woman’s would. I’m about five-foot-eight, nearing the tallest dwarf—six-foot-two. I think that’s all there is to know about my appearance, you’ll find out more about it when we finally meet!’ That was all he wrote in his letter for Bilbo, not commenting on anything more for his clothes or body.

“Thank you, Master Baggins, it's nice to finally meet you too.” Araleas replied, coming inside--but not before taking off his muddy boots.

“Please, hang your coat here. I hope you didn’t get into any trouble on the way here; that cut on your cheek looks nasty. Allow me to fix it up, come along!” Bilbo fussed, pulling the human into his bathroom full of herbs and other relics of his parents’. “Now, explain to me what happened.” He stated, not really asking.

“I got into a little trouble with a few orcs—nothing I couldn’t handle though! They only made a couple marks on me.” The man explained to the hobbit looking at him with wide eyes by the mention of orcs. “Really Bilbo, I’m completely fine.” The human of course was telling the truth, that’s all he ever did.

“If you insist, now please, it's your first day here so go relax for the day. Tomorrow, I can show you around Hobbiton.” Bilbo explained after cleaning up the wound. He led Araleas to his room—it was quite pretty, a singular hanging light from the top and vines that hung down all around. There were various plants surrounding a desk placed far in front on the bed, a bed which had soft silk covers and a flower pattern on the hem of them. On his bedsides, there were flower pots with lilacs and bluebells sitting in some water.

“Bilbo this room is gorgeous, thank you so much my friend.” Araleas thanked earnestly.

“Of course, now please. It must've been a long journey, so relax all you like. I’ll wake you up for dinner if you fall asleep.” Bilbo explained, ushering Araleas inside. The human nodded and began to unpack a lot of his clothes and other necessities when Bilbo shut the door.

“Medicine, medicine, medicine... Clothes!” He exclaimed, immediately stripping from his tough armor and riding gear. He picked out a wonderful blue shirt that fell just over his waist, and some black shorts so his legs were slightly exposed. Araleas walked around his room and noted everything in there. Such as exits, entries, where he could hide/put things, and most importantly, where he could stash his notebooks and loose pages. He found all of the things he was looking for quite quickly, and settled for sitting on his new bed and tracing his fingers over children’s drawings and letters he’d been given by his brother. Araleas started to hum a tune that reminded him of his home, and fell into a deep sleep filled with dreams.

Screaming and crying was all that filled my ears, the crackling of fire boosting my panic. The village was in havoc. Rangers were too far away now; we had sounded the alarm for them as soon as the orcs came into sight. But it was too late. The orcs were here. They were burning our village to the ground. Our crops burned away, and children and women’s bodies were thrown a distance. Men tried to protect them, shielding who they could, but it wasn’t enough. I watched as my mother’s throat was slit and blood poured out of her like a fountain. My father screamed and ran after the orcs with a sword, slashing everywhere and nowhere. I held in my cry, shielding my brother’s eyes from the scene. We were hiding behind our old house; it had burned down to the stone. When I saw the jagged blade pierce through my father’s body, I felt the hot tears run faster down my face. My brother wasn’t even a child yet, still an infant. I was only nine. When I heard the arrows fly, and orc screams fill the air, I picked up my brother and rushed out to where the rangers had arrived from. "Here! I'm here! Help us please!” I remember pleading. “Please!” I cried, grasping the handle of a short sword. Someone amongst those ranks stopped and turned to me, immediately running to me. He had long blonde hair that fell past his shoulders, and a bow and quiver strapped to his back. “Are you alright?” He asked. “My name is Legolas, are you injured?” Legolas asked. “W-We’re fine, my parents were killed—I don’t know what to do-” I stuttered out. “Shush child, it will be alright. What is your name, and what are your parents’ names.” Legolas asked, noticing the familiar shaped clasp in my brother’s hair. “A-Arathorn and Gilraen. My name is Araleas and this is my brother Aragorn.” I managed to say. Legolas looked shocked to his core, but kept in action nonetheless. He picked both mt brother and I up and said something in another language to his friend before taking off somewhere with us. I made sure my brother stayed asleep before I passed out myself.

“Are you sure Prince Legolas?” A voice asked. “As sure as day.” Legolas replied. “Hello?” I asked, opening my eyes but enjoying the comfort of a pillow. “Prince Araleas, please do not fret. You are in Imladris, or as you may know it as Rivendell.” The elf explained. “Legolas is here, the elf who saved you.” He explained. “My name is Lord Elrond, the lord of Imladris.” Elrond introduced. I sat up, glancing around for my brother. “Your brother is completely safe.” Elrond explained, and at that moment some healers brought in an infant who wouldn’t stop crying. “Here he is.” Elrond smiled. “Here, give him to me if he won't stop crying.” I stated. The nurses handed me my brother and I shushed him and rocked him. I hummed a tune my parents used to, and it put him out of his misery quickly. “Prince Legolas?” I asked. “Hm?” Legolas turned to me. “Thank you. I am forever in debt of you. Thank you for saving us. Thank you so much.” I thanked until my voice broke and the tears came down, and Legolas was immediately at my side. “Do not cry nin hen, it will be alright.” I remember him comforting me, hugging my broth and I close to him and letting me cry into his shoulder. I didn’t last long until I passed out again, and that’s when Elrond and Legolas made the decision that they would train and raise me here. And that they did.

“Why do I have to leave Aragorn!?” I shouted to Elrond; He was telling me I would have to leave Imladris. “For his safety nin coor.” He calmly replied. “His safety!? It's safer when we’re together! When I can protect him!” I shot back. “There are people after him and you! If we have you separated, it's more likely you will both survive!” Elrond explained with a stern tone. My breath caught in my throat. “Fine. But I’m not doing the for you, I'm doing this for my brother. And I better be able to see him regularly too. Don’t you dare let him forget me!” I shouted, tears threatening to spill. Don’t cry. I told myself. I’m sixteen now, I don’t cry. “As you wish nin coor.” Elrond agreed.

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“Goodbye, Estel. You be good for the elves. Promise you won't forget me?” I asked my little brother, he was only 7, but he understood well enough. He nodded and hugged me, and during then I slipped my family heirloom into his hand. “Keep it safe, okay?” I asked him as he stared at the thistle shaped metal in his hand. He nodded with determination set on his face. I chuckled at him and ruffled his dark locks. “Farewell, gwanur.” I said before following Elrohir and Elladan on my stallion. They led me to Beorn Grimbeorn’s home, where he welcomed me with open arms. I grew accustomed to him, and he treated mw wonderfully. On the anniversary of my village burning, I didn’t grow sad, I grew angry. Unimaginably angry. Beorn had tried to stop me from leaving the house but I had pushed him away and told him to stay out of it. When I went out into the field, the winds blew harder, faster, whipping my probably too long hair around. It started to pour as I clenched my fists and yell. Thunder sounded above me when I screamed and kicked loose wood everywhere. My eyes locked onto a tree in the distance and I outstretched my hand and squeezed my fingers at it. Lightning came down and struck the tree with pinpoint precision. “Araleas!” Beorn yelled over the loud rain. “You are upsetting the Valar with your emotions! Calm down!” He called, trying to get to me through the strong winds. I began to panic. I stared at my hands in disbelief, I felt like throwing up. I started to feel impossibly tired, and collapsed.

“My child, Are you alright?” Beorn asked me. My head was in his lap, we were still in the field, leaves spread out everywhere and the animals still hiding in their shelters. "Beorn!” I exclaimed, wrapping my arms around his neck and burying my face into him. “I was so scared, but I was so angry. What’s happening to me?” I questioned and explained. “You are connected to the Valar my boy. You can control the elements of the Valar, and I think you being angry made them upset due to that thunderstorm you and them created.” He explained, half in thought. How do I control it?” I asked. Beorn hummed in thought. “I think I need to reach out to someone. Stay inside, don’t come out. And most importantly, do not attempt to use your powers. I need to find a certain wizard who knows more about this than I.” Beorn admitted and released a loud whistle. I stood up and walked back inside, giving my adoptive father a sheepish smile before he was picked up by an eagle.

When Beorn returned, I was sitting in an armchair with a cup of tea, staring into the fireplace. “In here Mithrandir.” Beorn had said. “Ah, yes, I can sense the magic.” The so-called Mithrandir replied in an old tone. “Hm.” he said in contentment. “I never thought that the Valar would choose a human for their advocate, but who am I to judge.” Mithrandir said in thought. “Can you teach him?” Beorn asked, almost at a begging tone. “Of course, my friend. Let us get started.”

I was taught how to use my powers, how to control them and especially how to keep my emotions under control. After three years of training, I was ready to be without Gandalf. “Happy Birthday, Araleas.” He had told me when I turned twenty, and again when I turned twenty-one, and again and again. And when I was twenty-three, we took a visit to Imladris. To my brother.

“Gwanur!” Estel exclaimed. “Goddesses above you’ve grown up.” I said, wrapping him in the tightest hug possible. “I’ve missed you so much Aragorn.” I whispered. “I have you Araleas.” He whispered back. “Have the elves treated you well?” I whispered to him. “Yes brother, but I must tell you all about my time here, and we must spar together!” He excitedly whispered back. “Of course, little brother. I have to meet with some people first, is that okay?” I asked, I didn’t care if I had to miss a couple meetings for my brother. “Yes, of course. Meet me in the courtyard at six tonight?” Estel asked. “For sure.” I replied. He hugged me again before running off to play with swords. I greeted Elladan and Elohir, more grown addition, Arwen.

Gandalf led me to a meeting room with Lord Elrond, Lady Galadriel, Radagast the Brown, Saruman the White, and King Thranduil, accompanied by Prince Legolas. “Legolas!” I exclaimed, running over to him and embracing him in a hug which he gladly returned. “It’s been far too long mellon nin.” Legolas said, pulling away to look at my grown face. We pulled away, much to his father's liking and sat down at the table filled with intimidating people. Gandalf sat on my right side while Legolas sat on my left. “Prince Araleas, heir to Gondor, we have received wind that you have been chosen by the Valar. What say you?” Saruman’s monotonous voice rang out. “I say that its true? I don’t know what you want me to say my lord.” I replied in uncertainty. Radagast looked beyond ecstatic, and Gandalf smiled proudly. Lord Elrond didn’t look surprised, and Lady Galadriel didn’t either. Saruman looked calm, and Thranduil was horrified that a human had been given the gift of Valar. Legolas looked happy for his friend, and felt proud of him. “You have received training?” Saruman asked. “Yes, from Gan-Mithrandir.” I corrected. Saruman hummed in response and looked to Lady Galadriel. “You must know that the power of the Valar is not to be used lightly, correct?” She asked. “Of course, I understand.” I answered. “Good.” She looked to the next person on the table, Elrond. “You must only use the Valar in desperate situations and healing, correct?” “Yes, my lord.” Elrond looked to the next person, Thranduil. “A human does not deserve the power of the Valar. Are you all blind!?” He said sternly. Legolas looked down at his shoes in shame. “No, we are not blind. That is why it is easy for us to accept who the Valar chose.” Elrond shot back calmly. Thranduil rolled his eyes and stood to leave. “Sit back down Thranduil.” Galadriel demanded. He sat immediately and looked to Legolas for his comment. Legolas looked to me. “I’m very proud of you Thilior. You have proven yourself worthy for the Valar over and over again. But promise me you will not let it corrupt you for power.” He spoke. I knew it was part of a script they had to say, but Legolas’ eyes pleaded. “I promise.” Legolas then looked to Gandalf. “You must aid me in a quest if I so ask you to, along with the rest of the people here. Excluding King Thranduil.” Gandalf stated, and I nodded. The wizard then looked to the next. “You must swear to always protect the forests, grounds, and animals of the earth and sky.” Radagast explained, and I nodded again. Then the spotlight was turned onto Saruman again. “Now that you agree to these terms, place your hand in the middle of this table and give it water.” He instructed, so you did what he asked. “Now,” He continued, pulling out a dagger. “Cut open your palm, and let the blood drip into the water.” He said, handing the dagger over to me. It took me a few deep breaths and a pat on the back from Gandalf, but I did as he asked. I looked away from the cut before memories of orcs could come flooding back to me. The water soon turned fully red and Legolas wrapped my hand. The people surrounding the table stood, and chanted over the bloody water. It glowed as they spoke in ancient Sindarin, and I felt a large pain go to my head before passing out.

Apparently, that was my initiation for being the Valar’s advocate. And I continued living life with Beorn, occasionally helping out in Lothlorien, Imladris, Greenwood, a few of the dwarf regions, Rohan, and only a few times in The Shire. Everyone was so proud of me, but I was so stressed. I just learned to deal with it at the end of the day, and crying into Beorn’s arms seemed to help. Training with Elladan and Elohir seemed to help as well, and I got infinitely better and swordsmanship, archery, and dagger throwing. It helped me win a few games of darts too. Things grew easier as I got used to it. And seeing Aragorn become less of a hope, and more of a certain event whenever we wanted it to be.

Araleas woke with a start, jolting upright in his bed. He looked around to see that he was still in Bilbo’s house, and Aragorn is still alive. His brother’s note was still clenched in his hand. He looked out of his circular window, to see the sun only now setting. Araleas rose, letting go of his beloved letter. The vision of the tall dwarf man struck in front of his eyes again, his breath hitching slightly. It was a small flick of him sleeping soundly, no shirt, just silk sheets resting lightly over his shoulders, his breath coming out in small puffs. His hair was messed up at the front, and the various braids he held were strewn across his face. A hand came up to brush them away from his face, and when it did, the man’s face was showed at a deeper level. He had barely seen freckles, freckles that you’d only be able to see if you paid very close attention. His face was clean, no longer covered in dirt. He looked for once; not monotonous, not emotionless, but instead peaceful. Araleas' heart hurt for a moment, before he snapped out of it. ‘i don’t even know this man. I will not! Fall in love with a man who may not exist.’ Araleas decided on slipping a coat on, and walking out to see Bilbo.

“My friend, I’m sorry I slept so long.” Araleas apologized.

“Oh please, it's no problem at all Araleas.” Bilbo replied with the waving of his hand. “Please, sit down. I’m making dinner. I don’t suppose humans have supper?” Bilbo asked, intrigued.

“No, we do not. But if you would like for me to partake in that I'm quite happy to.” Araleas smiled.

“Oh no! No, no. I was just wondering. I- well, there’s a party going on in the center of Hobbiton tonight. I was thinking maybe you’d like to come? Of course, you don’t need to, but it’s from suppertime to twilight.”

“Ah! Yes of course I shall come my friend. I would never miss an opportunity for a good party.” Araleas confessed.

“Thats what I thought.” Bilbo smirked. "You know I've always wanted to meet elves, but I am too scared to step a foot out of the shire.” he smiled bashfully.

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“It is not far from here you know; I could always take you there one day?” Araleas suggested.

“Oh, wonderful offer, but no adventures for me. I don’t think so. I am a gentle-hobbit. We don’t leave the shire.” Bilbo said, almost remorsefully. “Right. That’s enough talk of adventures, I'm sure dinner’s ready by now.” He added, getting up and plating dinner.

Another vision suddenly struck Araleas. It was of Bilbo this time, he was holding a long piece of parchment, stringing long behind him in the wind. He had a bag packed on his back, filled with who knows what. “I’m going, on an adventure!” He yelled. When he caught up to the group of dwarrow, or what Araleas guessed were dwarves, Bilbo blabbered about how he had signed it. They had barely left the borders of the shire. He complained about not having a handkerchief, and that was where the vision ended.

“Hm.” Araleas hummed, then a plate of chicken and lettuce and carrot was given to him.

“If you need anything else, there’s plenty on the table, but save yourself some room for supper.” Bilbo commented to which Araleas nodded. Dinner came and went quickly, the two men making light conversation as they ate. “I suggest you change into something white for the party, don’t ask why.” Bilbo said with a smirk.

When Bilbo and Araleas found their way to the town square, there was a huge canopy set up where people were spinning each other around and drinking ale, listening to music provided by a group of talented string and wind artists.

“Come Araleas, I must teach you how to dance!” Bilbo said, leading Araleas through groups of people and towards the dancers. He hooked his arms into Araleas’ and prompted him to do the same with the hobbits next to them. They dance and sung in a circle, switching partners every so often. Every single person at the gathering had bare feet, letting their toes and soles of their feet connect with the soft grass and dirt when they jumped and skipped. Araleas laughed and drank, genuinely just overjoyed. Then there was the wandering wizard, Gandalf, who appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

“Gandalf!” Araleas laughed. He was so happy that the Valar above decided to grace the earth with a warm wind, carrying abundance on the very leaves that tumbled with it.

“Araleas! What a surprise to see you here my child.” Gandalf replied while Araleas ran up to him and gave him a tight hug.

“Oh Gandalf, this is the most fun I have had in years!” Araleas exclaimed. “Bilbo is such a lovely host too. You really should meet him.” He suggested.

“Oh, trust me, our paths will cross very soon.” Gandalf assured. “It is time for fireworks, I best be off.” Gandalf said, mysterious as ever. Giving a pat on the man’s head before leaving towards his fireworks carriage. Araleas couldn’t remember the last time he laughed this hard. The last time he had so much fun. The last time he had been somewhere without terrible memories coming back to haunt him.

After fireworks and ale, filling their stomachs with endless amounts of food, and dancing around many times more, it was time to go home. Laughing all the way home Bilbo and Araleas were, stopping every once in a while, to laugh or catch their breath.

“Bilbo! I’m being entirely honest when I say that was the most fun, I've had in years.” Araleas repeated the words from earlier.

“I’m very glad Araleas, the festival always helps me to feel better, and you looked like you needed a night out.” Bilbo said earnestly.

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Araleas kissed his friend’s head in an act of friendship, earning a small yelp of surprise out of Bilbo. Araleas laughed at his response, “An elvish tradition of friendship.” He smiled.

Araleas slept soundly that night.


What is an important quote from Chapter 1 of The Hobbit? ›

I have chosen Mr. Baggins and that ought to be enough for all of you. If I say he is a Burglar, a Burglar he is, or will be when the time comes. So my grandfather's halls became full of armour and jewels and carvings and cups, and the toy market of Dale was the wonder of the North.

What happened in chapter 1 of The Hobbit? ›

Chapter 1 introduces the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, and explains the Hobbits' way of life. Then, Bilbo meets Gandalf, who invites him to go on an adventure with him. Bilbo refuses at first. Gandalf then invites 13 dwarfs to Bilbo's house, who eventually convince Bilbo to go on the adventure.

What are the famous opening lines of The Hobbit? ›

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”

This matter-of-fact opening line marks the beginning not just of The Hobbit, but of a vast swathe of literature set in a mythological fantasy world of Tolkien's own creation: Middle Earth.

What is the tone in The Hobbit Chapter 1? ›

The Hobbit's tone is much warmer and more humorous than that of most heroic epics, such as Beowulf. Tolkien tested out The Hobbit as he wrote it by reading it to his sons, and the manner of narration is, at times, very much like a children's story.

What is Thorin's famous quote? ›

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” “There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”

What story did Thorin tell Bilbo in Chapter 1? ›

Thorin tells the story of his ancestors, who lived in great wealth under the Mountain near Dale until Smaug the dragon invaded Dale and took control of the treasure of the Mountain. Bilbo asks about the business details of the adventure.

What was Thorin's plan in The Hobbit chapter 1? ›

In 'The Hobbit', Thorin Oakenshield is a dwarf on a mission. His goal is to regain the Arkenstone back from the evil dragon Smaug, who has taken over his family home, the Lonely Mountain.

What are the saddest moments in The Hobbit? ›

For fans of The Hobbit book, the deaths of Fili and Kili were two of the most upsetting. Both of these heroic dwarves, who were Thorin's nephews, died at the Battle of Five Armies. They died while trying to defend Thorin, but none of them made it out alive.

What is the first thing Bilbo kills? ›

He finds a small stone and throws it at a spider, killing it. Confident that the spiders can't see him, he begins singing a song, mocking the remaining spiders and luring them away from their web. Bilbo doubles back and hastily uses his sword to cut the dwarves free.

What is the 1st sentence of The Hobbit? ›

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.

What does Thorin say to Bilbo in the book? ›

Thorin Oakenshield : [to Bilbo] Farewell, Master Burglar. Go back to your books... and your armchair... plant your trees, watch them grow.

What is the best quote from The Hobbit? ›

The 10 Best Quotes From 'The Hobbit' Trilogy
  • “It Is The Small Things, Everyday Deeds Of Ordinary Folk, That Keeps The Darkness At Bay.” ...
  • “I'm Going On An Adventure!” ...
  • “I Kill Where I Wish, When I Wish. ...
  • “Such Is The Nature Of Evil. ...
  • “Are We Not Part Of This World?
Nov 5, 2022

What does Bilbo love? ›

Like most hobbits, Bilbo is fond of the comforts of home and hearth: He loves good, simple food in abundance, and he loves his pipe and well-furnished hobbit-hole.

What is a personification in The Hobbit chapter 1? ›

One example of personification in The Hobbit is when our narrator describes the weather. He tells us ''The next morning was a midsummer's morning as fair and fresh as could be dreamed: blue sky and never a cloud, and the sun dancing on the water.

How do the dwarves feel about Bilbo in chapter 1? ›

The dwarves hesitate to believe that Bilbo would be a good addition to a treasure quest. But Gandalf insists that Bilbo is "as fierce as a dragon in a pinch" (1.93).

What does Thorin yell? ›

Thorin shouts Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! at the Battle of Five Armies.

What does Thorin say to Bilbo before he died? ›

Thorin apologizes to Bilbo, saying that the world would be a better place if only more folks were like him. He asks for Bilbo's forgiveness. He bids farewell, and dies. Bilbo cries over the loss of Thorin – but is so glad that he made it in time to say goodbye and to make amends before he died.

What was Thorin's last speech? ›

“I go now to the halls of waiting to sit beside my fathers, until the world is renewed. Since I leave now all gold and silver, and go where it is of little worth, I wish to part in friendship from you, and I would take back my words and deeds at the Gate.”

Did Thorin ever forgive Bilbo? ›

Lesson Summary

The biggest blow to the dwarves is that their king Thorin lies mortally wounded. He forgives Bilbo before dying and lets Bilbo know that he was right all along. Thorin is replaced by Dain as king, Bard rebuilds his town, and Gandalf and Bilbo head for home.

Why is Thorin angry with Bilbo? ›

Thorin's opinion of the Hobbit completely changed when Bilbo saved his life from Azog the Defiler. When he first awoke, Thorin immediately asked of Bilbo's fate, and feigned anger towards the hobbit for nearly getting himself killed.

Did Bilbo have feelings for Thorin? ›

No. Not only did Bilbo Baggins not have a romantic relationship with Thorin II Oakenshield, he didn't have one with anyone else either. Our good Master Bilbo was a lifelong confirmed bachelor, much like his adopted heir Frodo Baggins.

What is Thorin's personality? ›

The leader of the dwarves who embark on the treasure quest in Chapter 2 , Thorin is in many ways a typical member of his race: brave, stubborn, proud, and greedy for gold.

What is the secret message on Thorin's map? ›

Elrond also interprets the moon-letters on Thorin's map, letters like runes that can be seen only by the light of a moon that is the same as the one under which they were written. The letters tell the reader to stand by a stone near a thrush and the setting sun of Durin's Day will shine on a key-hole.

Why is Thorin important in The Hobbit? ›

Thorin is the leader of the Company of Dwarves who aim to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the dragon. He is the son of Thráin II, grandson of Thrór, and becomes King of Durin's Folk during their exile from Erebor.

How did Bilbo feel when Thorin died? ›

When Thorin dies, Bilbo is visibly upset, and Martin Freeman gives a fantastic performance of grief that feels absolutely gut-wrenching. In general, one thing that helps the scene in the movie feel more emotional than the book is the performances from Martin Freeman as Bilbo and Richard Armitage as Thorin.

Is there anything inappropriate in The Hobbit? ›

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for extended sequences of intense fantasy action violence, and frightening images. Violence: Dragons attack a castle causing mass destruction and implied loss of life.

What is the creepy thing from The Hobbit? ›

Gollum is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium. He was introduced in the 1937 fantasy novel The Hobbit, and became important in its sequel, The Lord of the Rings.

How Bilbo dies? ›

On this day in 1947, Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-Miss.) died in a New Orleans hospital at age 69 from oral cancer after the Senate had ducked a showdown on whether to seat him for a third term.

How old was Bilbo when he died? ›

He had already celebrated his 131st birthday, becoming the oldest Hobbit in the history of Middle-earth. As a mortal, he died in the West. While sailing west, Bilbo composed a last poem looking back on Middle-earth in farewell.

What is the last word in The Hobbit? ›

Tolkien's The Hobbit ends with “'You are a very fine person, Mr. Baggins, and I am very fond of you; but you are only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all! 'Thank goodness! ' said Bilbo laughing, and handed him the tobacco jar.” And these two sentences sum up so completely what the book is about.

What are the three quotes in The Hobbit? ›

The Hobbit Quotes
  • “There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. ...
  • “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” ...
  • “Far over the misty mountains cold. ...
  • “So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.” ...
  • “May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.”

What is The Hobbit first name? ›

Hobbits. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End, the protagonist and titular hobbit of the story.

Why did Thorin call for Bilbo before dying? ›

Why did Thorin call for Bilbo? He wanted to make peace with Bilbo before he died. 3. What did Bilbo miss at the end of the battle while he was knocked out?

What does Thorin call himself? ›

Thorin names himself King when the strangers start to approach the mountain.

What are Thorin's last words Why are they important? ›

-In his last words, Thorin tells Bilbo that the world would be a better place if more were like Bilbo and valued happiness, home, and song over hoarded gold. -1) The reader knows this is true and hearing it from this important character helps to back up our own beliefs.

What is Bilbo Baggins favorite quote? ›

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” This is definitely one of Bilbo's most well-known quotes from the Lord of the Rings movies.

What is the main message of The Hobbit? ›

The Hobbit's main theme is Bilbo's development into a hero, which more broadly represents the development of a common person into a hero. At the beginning of the story, Bilbo is timid, comfortable, and complacent in his secure little hole at Bag End.

What is the moral message of The Hobbit? ›

The Hobbit is telling us to take risks. This is what life is about, taking yourself out of your comfort zone and seeing what you are made of. Bilbo realises that there is more to life and the world than just being an ordinary Hobbit living in The Shire.

Did Bilbo have a girlfriend? ›

More generally, there are many single males in Lord of the Rings and an incredible lack of females. Bilbo never marries and neither does Frodo.

Were Bilbo and Frodo lovers? ›

Frodo Baggins

Out of all his family members, apart from his parents, Bilbo was closest to his cousin Frodo, whom he identified as his nephew as opposed to their actual relations. He adopted his orphaned nephew after Primula and Drogo, Frodo's parents, died in the Brandywine River.

Why was Bilbo so loved? ›

Bilbo was brave and full of wild delight, not afraid to be himself even when others thought him queer, and loved tricks and games. He was very good at riddles, even then, and this becomes a key quality that Gandalf seeks in him later when appointing him to the role of Burglar.

What is the personification of Chapter 1 in the Pearl? ›

Chapter I: At the beginning of the story, Kino feels fortunate to have a wonderful wife like Juana. The personification of the fire provides a warm, comfortable feeling to the reader that reflects how Kino feels about his home.

Is there foreshadowing in The Hobbit? ›

In J.R.R. Tolkien's novel The Hobbit, foreshadowing is used from the very first chapter when the narrator begins to describe the main character Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who has both Baggins and Took blood in his veins. This is significant because in theory, hobbits are not the types to ever have adventures.

What is a hyperbole in The Hobbit? ›

For example, when describing Bilbo, Gandalf says, 'Gets funny queer fits, but he is one of the best, one of the best-as fierce as a dragon in a pinch. ' This is considered hyperbole because a Hobbit could not literally be as fierce as a dragon, but the exaggeration shows the degree of faith that Gandalf has in Bilbo.

What two things does Gandalf give Thorin in chapter 1? ›

What two things does Gandalf give Thorin? Gandalf gives Thorin a map and a key. How did the dwarves lose their treasure and kingdom?

Is there any magic in The Hobbit chapter 1? ›

In Chapter 1 of The Hobbit we learn that hobbits are a lot like regular people, except for being half as tall and having just a little magic to help them disappear when they hear humans coming around.

What is an important quote from LOTF Chapter 1? ›

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Quotes

Significant quotes from Piggy: "We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting. They'll come when they hear us" - When Piggy sees the conch shell, he tells Ralph that they should use it to call any other survivors to the beach.

What is a quote from The Hobbit? ›

So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.” “May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.” “It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” “Where there's life there's hope.”

What is a quote from Bilbo in The Hobbit? ›

This is a bitter adventure, if it must end so; and not a mountain of gold can amend it. Yet I am glad that I have shared in your perils – that has been more than any Baggins deserves.” – Bilbo Baggins.

What is the first step hobbit quote? ›

You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” I try to remind myself about that when I fear the unknown. Just take that first step and who knows what I could learn or gain by not sticking to the same old familiar comforts.

What does LOTF chapter 1 symbolize? ›

Piggy and Ralph first find the conch in Chapter 1. It represents civilization and democracy. Ralph first blows the conch to call all the other boys on the island together to form a civilization. All the boys then vote him as the leader because he called them together and they all see Jack as an unattractive threat.

What is the scar often mentioned in chapter 1? ›

On a very basic level, the scar is the path that the boys' wrecked plane has cut across the island. Literally, it is the plane's crash site. As chapter one begins, we meet our protagonist, Ralph, and the novel describes the scene as follows: 'All round him the long scar smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat.

What are the characteristics of Ralph in chapter 1? ›

He is attractive, charismatic, and decently intelligent. He demonstrates obvious common sense. Ralph is the one who conceives the meeting place, the fire, and the huts.


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